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Is cement self-leveling home improvement suitable? Changchun Pan Asia Building Decoration

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When renovating the house, the owner will conceive a family plan in advance, and can also make plans in the formal renovation process without panic. A few days ago, an owner asked, "Is cement self-leveling home improvement suitable?" Today, Changchun Pan Asia Architectural Decoration will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of home improvement in cement self-leveling. I hope to help the owners friends, let's take a look together.

Changchun cement self-leveling

Many people have heard of cement self-leveling. Many public places have used this kind of decoration, and they are also "regular customers" in industrial style decoration. But in addition, can cement self-leveling adapt to other home improvement styles? Next, Changchun Pan Asia Building Decoration will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of self-leveling home improvement. Let us judge whether the self-leveling home improvement of cement is suitable.

Is cement self-leveling home improvement suitable?

Advantages of home improvement self-leveling:

1. The biggest advantage is that the construction of self-leveling is simple, simpler than floor tiles and floors. The self-leveling will automatically flow after falling to the ground, saving time and effort;

2.Secondly, the self-leveling can save the height of the storey, suitable for the duplex loft, the storey is not high;

3. The self-leveling floor is seamless, dustproof, waterproof and easy to clean; good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, and some flexibility;

4. Generally used cement self-leveling cushion, relatively low cost, rich colors, and good flooring effect.

Disadvantages of self-leveling in home improvement:

1. The biggest disadvantage is slightly ugly. Self-leveling is not as rich in patterns and colors as floor tiles, so it is not good-looking and the style is limited;

2.During the self-leveling construction process, there will be odors to the human body during the curing of the material;

3. If the ground level is large, self-leveling is not suitable. Self-leveling is not recommended.

Cement self-leveling decoration price introduction

How much the cement self-leveling floor cost, the final quotation is based on the actual ground conditions and the specific requirements of the owner.

1. The first is to choose a self-leveling cement to lay a PVC sports floor on it, then choose ordinary cushion self-leveling cement, the cost is generally 25 yuan / square meter, if you want high strength-some cushion cement self-leveling , Then the cost is about 35 yuan / square meter.

2. The second type is used directly after making self-leveling cement. One is the self-leveling cement of primary color. This kind of floor is about 100 yuan / square meter. The other is a colored self-leveling cement surface floor. It's about 150 yuan / square meter.

After reading the introduction of the Changchun Pan Asia Architectural Decoration Editor, do you think the cement self-leveling home improvement is suitable?

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