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about us

Jilin Fanya Building Decoration Co., Ltd.

Jilin Pan Asia Building Decoration Co., Ltd. is a modern technology enterprise integrating sales, construction, maintenance and after-sales service. Its business scope mainly includes: art floor, hardened and wear-resistant floor, cement-based self-leveling, concrete seal curing agent , Epoxy series floor, anti-corrosion series floor, stone renovation maintenance system, PVC floor rubber floor renovation maintenance system, floor materials, construction tools and other products. 了解详情+ The company has advanced construction technology and scientific management experience, has experienced technical staff and professional application ... Learn more +
Why gypsum-based self-leveling will replace traditional cement-based self-leveling

Why gypsum-based self-leveling will replace traditional cement-based self-leveling

Cement self-levelling mortar has been used in the building decoration industry for a long time. It is mainly used for leveling the base layer of decorative floors such as wood flooring, PVC plastic flooring, and floor paint. In the long-term application process, many insurmountable problems have appeared: 1. Prone to cracking and initiation of hollow drums [ ... ]

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